Amazing Peanut Butter Protein

Flourless Recipes

Peanut Butter is amazing. High protein, low cost snack you can add it to an apple and you get protein, fat and fiber.  At Bizzy Lizzy we start several of our items with peanut butter because it offers our clients a protein.  Protein is so vital for our overall health.  I know many people who don’t care for meat protein but peanut butter goes down more easily.   In our Chocolate Cake Mix, we replace peanut butter in place of oil and make it this amazing Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cake.  Then we top it with our famous butter cream frosting.  We substitute a...

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Refined Carbohydrates lead to many health issues.

Today's Health Issues

 Reference: Dr. Joel Furhrman, noted author and physician.   He starts his lastest article like I start most of my nutritional programs.  "Intact carbohydrates - such as whole grains and starchy vegetables - are more healthy than refined carbohydrates like white rice and white flour products, since they are stripped of micronutrients and fiber during processing." What I like about the Glycemic Exchanges is it looks at the whole picture of food not just the grams of carbohydrates.  If you eat food with purpose, packed with high fiber (carbs) and add protein to balance it out.  A little sugar to...

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Reasons for Feeling Sluggish

Many women do not get enough iron, this deficiency causes fatique, pale skin, headaches, shortness of breath, cold hands and feet and even feeling dizzy.  Eating meat or at least food rich in iron like deep green foods can take care of the problem.  This is one of those deficiencies you really don't want to self medicate with iron pills without your doctors help.  Too much can cause: abnormal heart rhythm, hypopituitarism, shortness of breath, arthritis, loss of body hair, damage to the adrenal glands, cessation of menstrual periods or early menopause, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and impotence in men.  Other...

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Don't eat gluten free if you are not a celiac!

Celiac's Disease

   New speculation and research is saying if you are not gluten free or wheat intolerant do not REMOVE it competely from your diet you with make yourself intolerant sooner than later. I run into people all the time that think it is a good idea to eat gluten free.  Your body becomes protective and sensitive to any degree of wheat. We find people complain about stomach issues and as celiac's disease becomes more press, everyone thinks that is what they have.  More than likely they are "bleach wheat" intolerant.  Flour acts like a "glue in the stomach" which causes...

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Flour equals SUGAR

Flourless Facts

  Weight Watchers is a great plan in all most every aspect accept the use of refined flour.  They teach to cut out sugar why don't they tell us to stop eating flour?  Why do they make their snack foods with bleached flour?  Good Grains are good for you and yes they have more calories because they have more values for our body.

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