Refined Carbohydrates lead to many health issues.

 Reference: Dr. Joel Furhrman, noted author and physician.


He starts his lastest article like I start most of my nutritional programs.  "Intact carbohydrates - such as whole grains and starchy vegetables - are more healthy than refined carbohydrates like white rice and white flour products, since they are stripped of micronutrients and fiber during processing."

What I like about the Glycemic Exchanges is it looks at the whole picture of food not just the grams of carbohydrates.  If you eat food with purpose, packed with high fiber (carbs) and add protein to balance it out.  A little sugar to make it palatable you will make both your mouth and body healthy.  High glycemic foods are pretty simple to pick out they have flour or sugar as the first ingredient and a very long list of added vitamins and minerals at the end of a long list of stuff to make the manufactures feel a little better about their product.  Those are the foods we avoid.

Good carbohydrate foods include those that start with whole grains, veggies or fruit.  If you avoid the high glycemic foods you decrease your likelihood of getting heart disease, diabetes, lower cholesterol, improve digestion and the list goes on and on.

One study states that women who eat high glycemic diets will be twice as likely to develop heart disease.

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i got my mom & son hooked on your cookies. Sending frequent care packages to St. Paul. I take them to Huron when I visit mom.


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