Our History

About Bizzy Lizzy Flourless Bakery

In 2007, Bizzy Lizzy Bakery's owners started making cookies to get their own kids to eat breakfast. It turned into weekend adventures at farmer’s markets and blossomed into a full-time business. Lizzy and Sheila are both "Foodie" people. Sheila is a professional educator and Lizzy is busy growing her namesake company.

Bizzy Lizzy Bakery products are unlike others in the country. All are based on oatmeal and flax seed without a trace of wheat in the facility.  "Bizzy Lizzy is out to prove to the world that you don't need flour to enjoy high-quality bakery items.”

Sheila Rae is a recipe geek. She can make something from anything she finds intriguing and make it taste wonderful. A few years back she wrote her own cookbook and added recipes from some talented cooks in her circle of family and friends. Today it’s all about knowledge, chemistry, and great taste buds.

Sheila Rae believes it’s important to stay in contact with customers. You will find her delivering in South Dakota in her van, and doing product demonstrations in the stores that stock her product.  If you don't run into her somewhere on the route, just give her a call; she answers her own phone and loves to visit with her customers/friends. 517-610-1467

About Lizzy

Lizzy is a little girl, at least she was when we started out. Now she is a beautiful, young lady full of life and ready to take on the world. Lizzy wrote a book when she was 7 years old and began speaking about her experience at schools around Michigan. She is still writing and often journals about her experiences working in the business.

The Andrew Bar History

We have been told this is the best candy bar ever created.  This product started with our friend Andrew who would come and play with the kids.  The first time we made them he just fell in love.  After that, if we knew he was coming, I would make a batch.  We just started calling them "Andrew Bars."  Andrew is now a successful businessman in Philadelphia. We often times reminisce over those special days and our very special friend.

The Raw Product 

Our goal is to use our "American Farm Friends" great crops to make our excellent products.  Our eggs come from local suppliers, our Flax Seed comes from Bob at Heartland Flax, our raisins come from Valley Pride, and the produce is raised on our farm and the farms of our neighbors using organic practices.  Bizzy Lizzy starts with high-quality everything.   Do you know where your present bakery buys their ingredients?


Many "diets" call for eating fewer carbs, however, it is not necessary to eat fewer carbs, it is just vital to choose good, complex Carbohydrates. "Wheat Belly" a new fad diet book makes many great points except for using artificial sweeteners. Natural is always the way to go in everything we eat.  We choose natural cane sugar as our sweetener because is a Non-GMO product. Join the Flourless Revolution Today!

Wheat Facts

In Wheat Belly, author Dr. Davis identifies two major problems with the ubiquitous consumption of wheat products. One is the fact that wheat, whether it’s in the form of Wonder bread or sprouted 100% whole wheat bread from the health food store, spikes blood sugar like nobody’s business. It’s not just a major source of carbohydrate in the diet, it’s also one of the most rapidly absorbed.