Don't eat gluten free if you are not a celiac!


 New speculation and research is saying if you are not gluten free or wheat intolerant do not REMOVE it competely from your diet you with make yourself intolerant sooner than later.

I run into people all the time that think it is a good idea to eat gluten free.  Your body becomes protective and sensitive to any degree of wheat.

We find people complain about stomach issues and as celiac's disease becomes more press, everyone thinks that is what they have.  More than likely they are "bleach wheat" intolerant.  Flour acts like a "glue in the stomach" which causes gas and stomach cramps.  Some people think they are fiber intolerant yet they "fiber" the eat is so low grade in flour that it plugs their system and they blame it on fiber. - but the blame needs to fall on low grade flours.

If you think low grain rice flour, tapioca or potato flour is better than REAL WHOLE GRAINS you are false lead.  People eat these because they do not have a choice but they are compariable in nutrient base to bleached white flour.

Eat whole grain - you have to eat labels very carefully.  Whole grain is suppose contain the bran, germ and outer layer of the grain.  Multigrain - means NOTHING because it is too broad.  Multigrain just means that they are using more than one type of grain but they can be bleached, and refined.


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