Wheat Free Bakery

Wheat-free baking may sound scary when you are just starting on the journey to a no wheat diet, but there are a few simple tips that can make the process less intimidating. First, understand that wheat-free baking and gluten-free baking are not the same. Wheat free means just that; the product has no wheat in it. Gluten is the hard outer coating on many grains, including rye, barley, and wheat, and gluten-free products have this coating eliminated.

If you are looking for wheat-free baking ideas, you can substitute oat flour, milled flaxseed, or even corn flour for the flour in recipes. The most difficult challenge is understanding how those flours bake in comparison to a wheat-based flour. Some flours do not expand as much while others may provide a texture that is unappealing.

To get an idea of how wonderful a no wheat diet can taste, your initial stop probably should be a wheat-free bakery. The people who run these bakeries have gone through the trial and error process to find out what flour combinations work best, and by trying their products, you will get a literal taste of the world of wheat free baking.

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