Wheat Free is a Daily Headlines Across Country

Wheat Free is a Daily Headlines Across Country

Why is this a headline?  The answer is quite simple: bleached wheat flour is harming every level of society. We add it to so many food items as a thickener, an agent to keep cereals and other snack foods from sticking to equipment. Not to mention we bake everything with it: bread, doughnuts, cookies, cakes and everything else you find in the bakery section of our local store.  Bleached flour creates inflammation; it is connected to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, weight gain and the list goes on and on.

Bizzy Lizzy did not start the Bakery for allergies; we were trying to get our kids to eat a "Healthy Breakfast"; a difficult term to define considering the breakfast foods that are available in American grocery stores.  I once listened to a mother arguing with her 6-year-old son who wanted a hot dog for breakfast; she insisted he eat a doughnut, "its breakfast food” was her argument.  That doughnut is loaded with sugar and flour, it will hit her little boy’s stomach and burn off within a short time.  He will be hungry in the middle of the morning, his mind will wander, he will disrupt the classroom, and probably get in trouble for not paying attention.  His choice of a hot dog, even though not good as hot dogs are loaded with chemicals and questionable items in most cases, they are also loaded with protein which would have helped him concentrate ALL MORNING.  This is why we make Bizzy Lizzy muffins and cookies; they’re balanced food items that are appealing and taste good. 

I ’know’ you cannot bake without flour; I am told that every day; and have been for going on seven years.  Guess what?  I CAN, and so can you, with our line of mixes.  Our mixes allow moms and dads to bake their own amazing foods for their families, with such ease and simplicity.

When you can make savory muffins, sweet muffins, cakes, and pancakes from one mix that is ingenuity, simplicity, healthy eating for everyone across the country not sure for the areas where I can bake for. 

One muffin mix plus 3 cups warm water, 20 minutes to rest, stir and the perfect pancake.

Bizzy Lizzy is innovation and healthy eating that takes the headline we read in our local paper to a realistic level.  Eating "flourless", join the "flourless revolution" is as easy as picking up a Bizzy Lizzy Mix and baking truly yummy food at home for your family.

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