Cookies for Breakfast

Sound familiar? We'll bet most of you recall this infamous tagline from 90's commercials for a sugar, cookie-shaped breakfast cereal called Cookie Crunch. In the commercial, wide-eyed children balk at the idea that their parents might actually allow for cookies--considered a dessert of treat--at breakfast. In a display of classic commercial logic, however, we're made to believe that it's OKAY to send sugar bombs into your kid's tummies, because, hey, it's cereal. Cereal's healthy, right?
Wrong! Most popular kid-targeted breakfast cereal's contain on average 15 grams of sugar, or more! Even seemingly safe options, such as Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch has 20 grams of sugar per serving! That's a whole lot of insulin disturbance from a breakfast option with "bran" in the title. 
So what makes a healthy breakfast, then? Picture this: a bowl of rolled oats sprinkled with flaxseed and just a touch of beet sugar, with a dollop of peanut butter stirred and then jazzed up with some raisins and nuts, with an egg on the side. Sounds like a well-balanced, filling, nutritious meal, right?
Well, guess what? Those are the EXACT ingredients in our Gourmet Wheat-Free Flourless Cookies (plus some baking soda and natural vanilla and cinnamon, for flavor). Our Bizzy Lizzy Cookies truly are a healthy, hearty breakfast option. Nothing artificial, and plenty of heart-healthy fiber and Omega-3s.
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