We Spell "Decadent" D-A-K-O-T-A

When you think of North Dakota, you might think of freezing cold winters and wide open planes. Of roaming buffalo and booming agriculture. You might even think of wild prairie roses and Sioux Indians. But do you think of...brownies?
We do! That's because we couldn't make our Decadent Frosted Brownies without North Dakota. The Peace Garden State (or Roughrider State, depending on who you ask...) supplies us with the fresh eggs, beet sugar and creamy smooth butter we need to make our brownies truly decadent. In fact the only imported ingredient is the cocoa, from France, because we simply don't make it here in the midwest.
We take that cocoa, add real butter and sugar to create a mind-blowingly moist brownie with a rich, deep flavor that is naturally gluten free and wheat free. It's a decadent way to indulge, whether you're a celiac, on a diet, health-conscious, or just curious to see what's possible with wheat-free! You have to try it to believe it.
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