Sensational Seasons

 At Bizzy Lizzy, we think a lot about whole-picture health. We care for your body with whole-grain oats, flax seed and cornmeal, and we care for your happiness with flourless sweet treats and wheat-free indulgences.

We also care about the health of the earth, and we take an active part in cultivating nutritional veggies for our muffins and cookies. That's right--we grow our very own zucchini and squash, which go into our muffins and straight to you, our loyal customers. It doesn't get much more local than your own backyard, and there is nothing quite as amazing as planting, growing, harvesting, and then cooking your own food. When we can share that natural passion with our customers and friends, it makes the whole cycle feel that much more special.
For us, eating in season means eating from the earth. Plus, adding veggies to your treats adds moisture, nutrients, and fiber. So that wheat free indulgence can be good four body AND soul. It's a summer sensation. 
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