Better Than Boxed: Bizzy Lizzy Simple Wheat-Free Bread Mix

 When we say simple, we mean it! Our easy-as-pie (and just as delicious!) bread mix is made from straightforward ingredients, and it's so convenient to make, you'll be amazed.

It starts with just whole grain oatmeal, yeast, soy powder, egg powder and salt. Then all you do is add 1 1/3 cups warm water, let it sit for two minutes (Really! Just two!) then add a tablespoon of oil. Mix it by hand or in a mixer for another two minutes, and then choose your shape: scoops for buns/rolls, hand-pressed for flat bread/pizza crust, or cut into triangles for scones.
Let it rest for 16 minutes, then bake for 16 minutes. That's it! You can even skip the resting if you're like Sheila and love that crunch, perfect for thin-crust pizzas. All of that adds up to less than 40 minutes, so you can have fresh bread anytime. Turn your busy schedule into a Bizzy meal, with home-baked goodness in no time flat, and without complicated instructions.
And since it's wheat-free, wholesome bread you'll be creating, you can be sure that it's better than any boxed mix from a store.
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