Farm Fresh and Feeling Good

 Farmers markets are a worldwide phenomenon, growing in number and popularity all the time, but they're certainly no flash in the pan! Early markets date all the way back to ancient Egypt, where farmers would sell or trade their crops along the Nile. Even markets as we know them today--with rows of tents and communal areas for eating or musical performances--started in America as early as the 19th century. And though they may seem quintescentially European or American, the biggest Farmers Market in the world can be found in Tokyo, Japan, boasting upwards of 1,700 individual stalls. That's a lot of produce!

Farmers markets are both a reflection and a promotion of local culture, flavors, and economy. So at Bizzy Lizzy, we're proud to be part of such a long-standing, home-grown tradition. We source our produce from farmers markets as much as possible, then we turn around and sell our delicious wheat-free goodies directly to the public. Many Bizzy Lizzy customers had their first bite at a farmers market, and they never looked back. Because local--like wheat-free--just feels good.
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