Too Good to be True

 There was a time when people thought the world was flat, and if you just went far enough, you’d drop off the horizon’s edge into nothingness. Now, of course we know this isn’t true, and it sounds absolutely ridiculous. But it didn’t, not to a lot of people, not for a long time, until someone was brave enough to test out the waters.

This pioneering spirit is what revolutionizes the way we think, act, and live out our lives, and the bakery business is not exception! There was a time when people thought that absolutely NO WAY could you make a proper piecrust without lard. But of course there’s butter, and shortening, and nowadays there are even healthy, dairy-free options, such as coconut oil shortening and non-hydrogenated, non-dairy spreads. Technology!
Remember when the thought of baked goods without wheat was unthinkable? Not so long ago, right? But bake shops and boutiques have sprung up all across the country offering gluten-free options to the masses in delicious, high-concept flavor combinations.
At Bizzy Lizzy, we’re merely taking it one step further, cutting out flour entirely. Our customers can tell you that baking the Bizzy Lizzy way is not only possible, it’s pleasurable!
So don’t fall flat for flour-filled foods. Round out your diet with delicious, flourless flavor!
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