Flourless vs Gluten Free

Whole Grains


Most people may think that eating flourless is difficult.  The fact it is, its not.  You just have "think outside the loaf."

Educating people about flourless eating is not any easy task.  But once you taste this way of eating, it seems silly not to dish us some flourless food for dinner.

As the first of it's kind, Bizzy Lizzy Flourless Bakery aims to set a high standard and to provide delicious flourless favorites to a whole range of customers.

Flourless does not mean gluten free.  Celiacs eat flour just not wheat flour.  Bizzy Lizzy focuses on oatmeal and flaxseed.

Flourless: means no flours or ground starch of any kind. We rely on whole grain oatmeal and flaxseed, products that have been shown to benefit your circulatory system, and digestive system. Add to that a much reduced spike in blood sugar that you get with white flour of any kind (wheat, rice, potato, tapioca), and what's not to love? It's a great way to have your (flourless) cake and eat it too, without wreaking havoc on your brownie-loving body!
Gluten Free: means no gluten (which is the protein in wheat, barley and rye). Oatmeal may have traces because of cross contaminators.  The milling industry provides a certified gluten free version of oatmeal.  Note: our products are made with non-certified unless otherwise stated clearly on packaging.
Bizzy Lizzy is the only flourless bakery in the USThat's a big deal, and we take it very seriously. We want to reach as many customers as possible to spread the flour-free news.  We bake our goodies for many diets types and lifestyles. Our customers include diabetics,  weight conscience, parents, kids, vegans, and everyone else who can appreciate good food.

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  • Samuel Smith on

    Where can I find your
    I’m a diabetic, I love
    bread, I need a product that doesn’t
    spike my blood sugar.

  • Ivy Baker on

    My uncle has a gluten allergy and I am in charge of making rolls for Thanksgiving. so, I want to give him some tools that he can eat. I liked tha you pointe doubt that if I use oatmeal I need to double check that it is made in a gluten-free factory.

  • Mary Ellen Hernandez on

    My father is a diebetic and having a birthday next week. Do you ship flourless cakes anywhere in the U.S.?

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