Too Crave or Not to Crave?

 Is it really a question? Cravings are about more than just nutrients or flavor. They’re about texture, a full-sensory experience. According to Reader’s Digest, there are nine different craving types—crunchy, chewy, juicy, salty, sweet, savory, filling, hot and cold.

At Bizzy Lizzy, we’ve got your cravings covered! Our Wheat-Free Granola is about as crunchy as it gets, while our Rice Crispy Bars are a chewy bit of heaven. We use only the juiciest, freshest fruits and veggies (always striving for in-season, local sources), and our Peanut Butter Bars have just the perfect hint of salt. For sweet, there’s no doubt we can help you out, and our Wheat-Free Bread Mix makes a superb, savory pizza. As for filling, you know that our main ingredients—oatmeal and flax—are packed with protein and filled with fiber.
Need more? Then try our treats hot or cold! Especially if you’re ordering in bulk (and who could blame you?), it’s easy to freeze our cookies, bars or cakes, to reheat later for a fresh-from-the-oven feel, or crunch into a cold cookie. No matter your craving, Bizzy Lizzy can help, no wheat or flour necessary.
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