Can't Get No Satisfaction?

We all have cravings, indulge our sweet tooth, or need a snack to make it through from lunch to dinner. It’s completely normal. But if that cookie you eat at four pm leaves you famished and fiending at five…or if your sweet treat from the coffee shop makes you feel shaky and starved…then you may need to rethink how satisfying your snacks really are!

It all comes down to eating what your body needs, when your body needs it. Snacks high in protein and fiber will leave you feeling fuller, longer, without any crazy blood-sugar spikes or dips. That’s why, at Bizzy Lizzy, we’ve ditched the flour for oatmeal and incorporated more slowly absorbed sugars, like beet sugar. So even our sweetest treats won’t sap your energy and send you on a sugar binge.
We also make sure to use plenty of fruits and veggies—another great source of dietary fiber. So many dieters mistakenly skip breakfast, hoping to whittle away their waistlines. But caloric intake can’t be fooled, and those who skip meals—especially breakfast—make up for that deficit later in the day. Crazy, late-night feeding at the fridge? You should have started your day with something substantial, like our Bizzy Lizzy muffins. They pack a full serving of fiber, protein, and almost a full serving of fruit. So eat one with a banana or apple, and you’ve set yourself up for true satisfaction.
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