All In The Family

Bizzy Lizzy is all about family. We're a husband-and-wife whirlwind team of flourless fanaticism and sturdy small-business sense of duty. Even our son is in on the act, as Graphic Designer of our very own "Bizzy Lizzy Flourless Revolution" t-shirts.

That's because we want you to feel like family, too, and that means comfort. Inspired by her love of a well-worn tee from a favorite coffee shop, Sheila Rae decided to create a something similarly soft and oh-so-wearable, using American Apparel material and Zach's special creative spin on the design. We know that these shirts will become your first choice on a day off, too.
We truly care about our customers and already think of you as part of our family. Not only do we want you to be able to enjoy delicious goodies and sweets without destroying your digestion, we want you to represent the bigger Bizzy Lizzy Flourless family, wherever you call home. We'll even give you a "family discount"--no shipping whatsoever on your Bizzy Lizzy tee.
Welcome to the family.
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