Resistant Starch


A type of carbohydrate that is getting a lot of attention in the scientific circle.  What are athe the benefits of these carbohydrates.

  • shrinks fat cells, especially in your belly
  • boost fat burning
  • preserves muscle mass
  • curb cravings
  • keep you feeling full longer than other foods
  • lower cholesterol and triglycerides

But the best news yet it is delicious, affordable and satisfying.

July/August 2010

Researchers are proving what Bizzy Lizzy has said all along.  If you eat food that are made from GOOD CARBSyou zap flab, curb cravings, feel MORE SATISFIED (if you have ever met someone from Bizzy Lizzy you have heard this statement before), and helps you slim naturally.

First step in eating GOOD CARBS is to:

  • Eat A CarbStar at Every Meal (no flour or at least no BLEACHED FLOUR) in anything you eat.
  • Balance your plates, 1/4 or you plate should be CarbStars
  • Be Portion Savvy (use smaller plates or eat one of Bizzy Lizzy Muffins or Cookies)

Don’t Skip Meals (people who skip meals make up for it in the evening)

Carbs are essential for life, they are our energy supply for our body.


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