Wheat Free Diet and Losing Weight

Have you been trying to lose weight, but just can’t get started? Maybe you’ve lost some weight, but you’re stuck on a plateau. Many doctors are starting to discover that a wheat free diet could be the key to successful permanent weight loss.  

Why wheat free? Some dietitians say that cutting wheat (or gluten) from your diet simply means that there are fewer options out there for you to eat. In addition to that though, gluten actually increases your appetite. Wheat contains an appetite stimulant, which makes your body store more fat. So taking in less gluten actually makes you less hungry.

Simply going gluten free will cause you to lose weight initially, but you’ll need to start watching things more closely once that first 15 to 20 pounds comes off.  You will need to make sure you’re paying attention to your caloric intake and still making smart choices. If you really want to ramp up your weight loss, make sure you’re getting proper exercise – break a sweat! Exercise burns fat and builds muscle, which in turn burns more fat.

So if you’re looking to jump start your weight loss, why not consider trying gluten free for a few months? Just because there's no wheat doesn't mean there's no taste, either. We've got a great variety of products to get you started!

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