Flourless to the Milling Industry is simple

 The Milling Industry truly believes there is only one FLOUR and it is made WHEAT.  We at Bizzy Lizzy believe all grains pulverized to dust are useless to humans.  Rice flour, oat flour, wheat flour, bean flour, tapioca flour, potato flour and the list goes on are stripped of nutrients and then used in our highly processed food supply.  Here at Bizzy Lizzy we use whole grain oatmeal and 14 mess flax seed.  We buy the highest quality of these products with the hope of growing our own on the farm within 5 years.  We will be able to control the growing process.  Using low processed grains  our body works hard to process them and that means burning calories. We get testimonies all the time from diabetics.  We have cancer patient who can actually eat our line and don't feel ill after treatment.

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