Veggies In Your Muffins

It’s no secret that veggies are a crucial nutritional source for our bodies and minds. It’s also no surprise that most of us don’t get our recommended daily dose of leafy greens and other veggies—about 70% of Americans fall short, according to

Here at Bizzy Lizzy, we pride ourselves on not only the scrumptious, baked-from-scratch goodness that we put into everything we bake, but also on using wholesome, healthy, hearty ingredients—and that includes whole fruits and veggies.
Sound weird? Just think about it: Do you like carrot cake? Then you’ve already enjoyed a helping of vitamins and minerals, along with a satisfied sweet tooth. And that’s just the beginning; there are so many ways to combine pleasure and produce.  
Each batch of our flourless muffins is uniquely created. We strive to use fresh, seasonal vegetables as much as possible. As the farmers markets get into swing in late summer and fall, so does our creativity, varying as the flavors of the season crop up. So summer squash means zucchini chocolate muffins, while a heartier root vegetable can turn into red velvet beet muffins.
Even in the colder months, when we turn to canned or frozen goods, we guarantee you nothing but the highest quality ingredients and taste. Our muffins aren’t delicious despite the fact that they have veggies in them, they’re delicious because of it.
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