Gluten Free Oats Just For You

At Bizzy Lizzy Flourless Bakery, we’re big on oats. Owner Sheila Rae chose oats as one of the main ingredients because of the overwhelming evidence from the American Heart Association of their health benefits. “Oats are fabulous for us,” she says. “Oats are like scrub brushes to our arteries…they are also very important in digestive health.”

More than that, adding more oats to your diet can minimize or reduce your risk of diabetes and hormone-dependent cancers, like breast, prostate and colon cancer. They also lower your blood cholesterol, putting you at a lesser risk for heart disease. And oats normalize your bowel bacteria, giving your guts powerful protection against intestinal infections and reducing gas due to poor digestion. Want more? How about this: oats reduce your dietary fat absorption by 10% AND leaving you feeling fuller for longer.
So we choose oats, because we care about you, your heart, and your health. However, we understand that most oats are processed in a way that makes them unsuitable for strict gluten free diets. That’s why we now offer many items with Certified Gluten Free oats as an option. In fact, one of our stores sent in several of our products to be tested at the Celiac Sprue Association’s lab in Nebraska. They came bake at less than 5pmm, meeting even the strictest of standard. We want to guarantee you the best in flavor, fitness, and freedom from worry with our gluten free oats.
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