Wheat Free Baking - Does it Taste the Same?

Perhaps the biggest concern with a wheat free diet is "Will the food taste the same?" Not only will the food taste good, but it will be more nutritious too. In terms of baking, eliminating wheat flour is simple. There are countless alternative flours that are naturally sweet, nutty or have a strong flavor. Take time to try a variety to see what works best for your taste buds and the recipes you make. Some flours taste better when grinded through a food processor such as brown rice flour. Ultimately, all of them can provide a similar or even better taste to a favorite baked good. It just takes time to adjust to the change. 

Have an Open Mind

I've founded that a wheat free bakery item may not taste as good as what I've been accustomed to my whole life, but I enjoy the nutritional benefits from it. I believe the compromise of taste is worth the things it does to my body rather then pollute it with something that may taste better, but isn't good for me. Try wheat free bakery items for your sugar fix! Your body will thank you. 

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