The man who tried to stop bleaching in our food source

Who is this man and what does he mean to the flourless world of Bizzy Lizzy?  Dr. Wiley was an amazing man and fought to the end trying to stop the milling industry from bleaching the flour but he finally gave up and resigned from his job Bureau of Chemistry the today's FDA.  He was constantly butting heads with President Roosevelt over this issue and went as far as the Supreme Court and got them to say that the milling industry could not bleach but it was never enforced.  When Dr. Wiley resigned the government found and hired a man who did not think "good quality food" was necessary for health.  Dr. Wiley did not give up though, he continued this mission to try to get bleached flour, saccharin, sulfites, and benzoic acid out of our food.  As you can see, Dr. Wiley did not use preservatives in our food source but just because he finally gave up does not mean the rest of the world should.  Join the Flourless Revolution today!!
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