Do you eat enough Fiber - Carbs?


American's are caught up on Carbs.  What happened to us?  Our ancestor ate about 100 grams a day.  We now get between 8-15 grams.  I was just reading an article in Delicious Living Magazine and they state we should be eating between 25-38 grams.  This article also states that it an overlooked and misunderstood nutrient.  I so agree.  I probably have this discussion 50 times a week with be people who call me or meet me while I am delivery.  Fiber can be found in whole grain, fruits, vegetables, bean and legumes.  Fiber is what keeps our GI Tract healthy and protects us against heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer.  Fiber also decrease estrogen associate with breast cancer.  This is just one reason Bizzy Lizzy works so hard to make healthy cookies and muffins.  Delicious Living puts whole grain oats at the top of the list for healthy "Good" carbs.
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