Gluten Free Oatmeal vs. American Standard Oatmeal

Do you understand the difference?  American Farmers, crop rotate to give the land a break, so they plant a different crop each year.  If a farmer plants wheat and then plants oats the next year there can be wheat that pops up the next year and cross contaminate the oats crop.  They also then send this crop to manufactures that process more than just oats.  So the oatmeal gets contaminated.  Most of this product can contain up to 2000 ppm of gluten. Now we have 5 manufactures that do just oats.  Their farmers grow in fields that just grow oats.  They have to test their product to get less that 20 PPM to state gluten free.  A producer can produce their product in a facility that has wheat if they test and get less than 20 PPM. 

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