Flax Seed is a Super Food

All Good Magazine puts Flax in the Super Food Category with Chia Seeds and Quinoa.  I love Chia Seeds and Flax, not alot of experience with Quinoa, I have it in my pantry and have made it a few times.  Not sure about it from the standpoint of flavor profiles.  As everyone knows I am big in to deep rich flavors in food.  I want everything in food to make an impact for my tastebuds.  Quinoa just has not done that for me but maybe it is all in the cooking principles I am using with it.  I have tried it in the oven, like I do my rices.  I have tried it on the stove top and in soups, but no real impact for my tastebuds.  However flax seed and chia seeds I love but on a different level.  They are a side bar to food, an extra zing not the main point.  The add quiet notes of flavor and fill me up like nothing else.

WebMD says flax seed help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer.  Not bad for a meek like plant.  We get ours at Bizzy Lizzy from Heartland Flax out of North Dakota.  Flax seed has been greatly noted as reducing LDL Cholesterol by as much as 14 percent with a 30-50 gram serving as day.

Chia Seeds area amazing too.  So many health benefits for such a little seed.  1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds is equal to 5 grams of Fiber plus it has heart health Omega 3- fatty acids.

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