Replace Flour with Oatmeal

Replacing flour is easier than most people think.  I do it all the time in the Bizzy Lizzy Bakery but also in my own kitchen.  People all the time ask if I follow the principle and the answer is yes.  I use oatmeal to make pie, cookies, thickners in soups, dredging chicken and so on.  I also us Potato Flakes for thickners in gravy's and soups too. Eating flourless is easy if you allow yourself to think outside the loaf, the only reason we use flour is because generations before us did.  However, generations before us had decent flours to work with. They use to use the whole wheat kernal.  Today we sell off the good germ and bran and flour is what is left.  Many people believe gluten is stronger today in wheat and that it is causing the sensativities however I do not agree. I believe that low quality flours have created the sensativities and that many people who are trying to avoid gluten to help with joint pain, should re-evalute and just remove flour of all kinds from the diet. 

The Bottom Line:  Todays grains become multiple revenue producers.  The processors can sell off the germ and bran to health food companies for more money that the whole grain is worth, and then still make their low end flours and sell them to unexpecting consumers.

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