Amazing Peanut Butter Protein

Peanut Butter is amazing. High protein, low cost snack you can add it to an apple and you get protein, fat and fiber.  At Bizzy Lizzy we start several of our items with peanut butter because it offers our clients a protein.  Protein is so vital for our overall health.  I know many people who don’t care for meat protein but peanut butter goes down more easily.  

In our Chocolate Cake Mix, we replace peanut butter in place of oil and make it this amazing Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cake.  Then we top it with our famous butter cream frosting.  We substitute a quarter of  the butter with peanut butter.  Delicious.

Or our bread we add peanut butter instead of oil and we have peanut butter bread.  Then add peanut butter and jelly for the perfect sandwich.

In our muffins we use banana for the fruit, milk for the liquid and peanut butter for the oil.  We call it an “Elvis”, add some chocolate chips or coconut and you a perfect breakfast.

And of course we make our cookies with peanut butter for the perfect breakfast, just like we started making for our kids at the point of creation of Bizzy Lizzy.

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