Changing Small Things Make Huge Impact

At Bizzy Lizzy we are out to change small things that make big impact.  Recently I was reading about Bobbie Brown, owner of Bobbie Brown Cosmetics.  She said she has made small changes to better her health and appearance.  She gave up FLOUR about 3 years ago, no allergies, no real reason just hoping it would make her feel better.  Her noticeable difference was in her skin. She says her side benefits, are more energy and focus.  I know all of us would be ok with those benefits.  Personally I have seen the difference in my skin and everyone that knows me would say the same thing.  I look younger today than I did 10 years ago.  Why do think flour has that kind of impact? It is simple it makes us hold fluid.

She also believes that wine can make you retain fluid.  Never researched that theory but I will now. 

I have researched coconut oil extensively and Bobbie Brown says she uses it as a moisturizer. No expense product, just a simple tub of coconut oil.  There is one type for topical use and another kind for cooking.  The only difference I have seen in them is the melting point.  The cooking version has a faster melt point. I love to cook with coconut oil.  It doesn't burn quickly, doesn't have much flavor, it is amazing.

I love her theory on work outs.  Do lots of different things, short and sweet, but more often.  10 minutes of stair walking, or a brisk walk.  In her theory none of would have an excuse of no time to workout.


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