Three words to Live By

Life Is Good. 

We are early risers ready to take on the world and all the challenges we face.  However, we also try to quit early so we can recharge our battery.  My family and friends help me all the time and the funny thing is I don't really ask they just fill in the need, amazes me everyday.

When Erik and I started Bizzy Lizzy we trusted our gut that we were on the right track to something amazing.  Did we know where we were going or how we would get there, absolutely not.  As we talk to old customers who have been with us from the beginning they are amazed by our packaging and growth.  So am I most of the time.

Have you ever looked at your dreams and then put them on a shelf for you to come back to.  Life doesn't really work that way.  We have a plan for our lives, may not know it or understand it, but dreams only come true if you have them.

Take some time to think about what your three little words should be.  Note: You can have more than one set.

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