Wheat Free Holidays

This year, we are thankful for a bountiful harvest. While so many in this world go hungry, we feel fortunate to have enough food to feed our families. Not only that, but we have the luxury of making sure that our thanksgiving feast is a wholesome, healthy harvest, without any belly-busting wheat or flour. You don't need them!
While it may seem crazy, a wheat-free thanksgiving is easy as pies! Many side dishes, as well as the iconic turkey, are already naturally flourless. Think mashed potatoes, candied yams, etc. And our versatile Simple Wheat Free Bread Mixfills in all the flourless gaps as a base for buns, cornbread, and even scones. It's a cornucopia of possibilities.
And speaking of abundance...we've frozen almost 3,000 pounds of fruits and veggies from our own backyard. This  locally-sourced produce will become Bizzy Lizzy granola and muffins in the coming winter months. Our 5 year goal is to produce all our own and even raise the oats and flax that we use in almost every flourless recipe. Looks like we're well on our way, and that's something to be truly thankful for.
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