Wheat Free Baking == Flourless Revolution...Join US Today!

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Bizzy Lizzy Bakery is the first of its kind, a "flourless" bakery. What does flourless mean to the bakery industry? It means that we are proving that you don't have to use flour of ANY KIND to make high-quality bakery items.  The bakery industry believes that you can not bake without flour, we prove them wrong everyday.

We pride ourselves on making high-quality products by using just a two super grains--whole grain oats and flaxseed--to make everything from muffins to cookies, bread, mixes, cake, brownies and more....without flour.
Customers range from Diabetics, Weight-Watchers, Celiacs, Heart Association, Alzheimer's Association, Arthritis Association, and the REST OF THE WORLD. Once you try the concept you will leave the big-guys (Pillsbury and others) on the shelves. My husband and I started Bizzy Lizzy Bakery as a challenge to make high-quality, great tasting products without bleached white flour; now, we are out to prove to the world that they won’t miss it. Whole Grain Oatmeal and Flaxseed are two products that really do benefit your heart and digestive system.